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Liqui Moly Marder Spray | MARTEN PROTECTION Spray 200ml | Rat Damage Prevention

For sale by posted on 2023-05-13 10:00 am, Online Store, Online Store
Rs 2,600.00

Buy Liqui Moly Marder Spray (Smart Rat Repellent) in Sri Lanka 200ml from Sri Lanka


ඔබගේ වාහනයට මීයන්ගෙන් වන හානිය වලක්වා ගැනීමට විසදුමකි.

ITEM Code 1515


For all accessible plastic and rubber parts in the engine compartment and chassis.



Fragrance prevents odors in the engine compartment left by pine martens. Quick and easy application. Prevents expensive repairs.

The odorous substance mixture does not have any harmful effects on the environment and animals. Spray plastic and rubber parts on all sides. Repeat application every 14 days.


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